Top 3 PC Games You Should Download NOW


PC gaming is not only comfortable, it is also accessible and lastly, it is convenient. The impressive array of games and DLCs and features a title comes accompanied by manages to highlight whether it is actually worth or good-for-nothing. Still, in most cases, the only plausible method to test a game is to actually play it. Here are three essential titles you might have skipped, which you most definitely have to go over and have them in your library!

#3 Endless Legend

Designed by Amplitude Studios, Endless Legend is a strategical turn based fantasy game, encompassing enough elements to have your hand pinned to the mouse, clicking away through the entire game. In a world ruptured between the possibility of war and diplomacy, players must control the existent world, Auriga with one of the eight dominating races. A must-have!

Endless Legend


#2 Eets Munchies

Flying cooties? Highly stressed adorable and cuddly pets? Perhaps. Whichever the case, Eets Munchies is a pleasant 2D puzzle game bearing all the essentials to become an item of endearment in no-time. Developed by Klei Entertainment, it is simplistic and cute, based on environment interaction and logic.

Eets Munchies

#1 Don’t Starve

Perhaps the best example of a mind-bender, Don’t Starve is yet another title from Klei Entertainment, which was praised and highly acclaimed for its sympathetic and demanding mechanics. Interactive and comical, it relies heavily on ingenuity and resources, where players must ration and seek resources however best they can.  

Don’t Starve

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