Nintendo 3DS Games That Will Melt Your Heart


A handy portable console is a definite must-have for most gamers – the facile design and readiness are almost always a trigger for calling the shots in terms of gaming and maintaining a gamer-friendly environment even in the absence of a PC or console.

Nothing could scream ‘kawaii’ more than a Japanese product and Nintendo 3DS has most certainly proved itself capable of delivering maximum cuteness!

Blast ‘Em Bunnies

Fast-paced, cartoonish and humorous, Blast ‘Em Bunnies revolves around a horde of horrendously wicked bunny rabbits trying to deal players as much damage as possible. Using carrot rifles and other means of uncommon weaponry, the game is simple to get and come around – what makes it impressive on a whole are the random and detailed elements, from the rodent evilness to the defense weapons and so forth.

Coming March 10, 2016

 Nintendo 3DS Games That Will Melt Your Heart

Puppies World

Transposing players into the 3D, lifelike world of puppies, players of any age can literally immerse themselves in a seemingly realistic rendition of sweet and loving canines. Whether one chooses to pet, socialize or exercise with the different breeds of puppies, the game emphasizes and bases itself on interaction.

Nintendo 3DS Games That Will Melt Your Heart

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