How do online casinos pay you the winnings?

How do online casinos pay you the winnings?


Online casinos are some of the most popular places in today's world where you can really have fun and win BIG all at the same time. They have become immensely successful in providing you with state of the art technologies and services and new and more interesting games to play and win at. These include video poker, slot machines (both the old retro kinds and the new age jazzy kinds), table card games (both the live and the computerized versions) and even games like lottery tickets and scratch cards where you win by luck alone. But, sometimes the question arises about how you would get your winnings once you do get some real money out of the online casino through your skill or your luck driven gameplay.

A host of questions also arise about how fair an online casino is and how secure and fast the payouts really are. There is also sometimes an inkling of doubt about whether you will even get the money you win or not. Fear not, because as you scroll through this article from iPhone Casino Reviews, all these questions will be answered and then you can get right back to checking out all the very best canadian gambling sites to bet some and win some more.

What to check before betting on any online casino?

Before starting off with your betting process at Canadian gambling sites, make sure to check out if these protocols are followed or not. These are:

  • Scroll to the end of the online casino web page to check the legal licenses and the certificates that are present there. If they are valid, then there is nothing stopping you from betting at this online casino.
  • Check what kind of security an online casino provides to you and how advanced the technology is. Usually, online casinos use SSL encryption of the highest degree to safeguard not only your payment gateways, but also the sensitive personal information that you provide them with during the sign up process.
  • Be sure to check out what kind of payment and withdrawal gateways are available and how many options an online casino is providing. Go for those which have plenty of options, including cryptocurrency and those which do not have only options where you have to pay processing fees.
  • Check the authentication by third party regulators to know how provably fair the RNG at an online casino is. Also, watch out whether a casino subscribes to the Responsible Gaming protocols.

How do you get your payment?

Usually, online casinos have different specifications when it comes to payouts and withdrawals, but more often than not, there are certain procedures to give out the winnings which remain the same for each and every online casino. These include:

  • You will most likely get your winnings through the same payment gateway that you selected while making your payment or bet at the online casino, unless you specify otherwise.
  • The winnings will be transferred into your account as you continue on with your wagering.
  • Before withdrawing your winnings, make sure that you have either forfeited the active bonus which you chose along with your bet, or met the wagering requirements.
  • Make sure to keep your identification in hand as for bigger winnings, you will need to show those.
  • Usually, giving out the winnings takes some time between the request and the processing, giving you time to change your mind if needed. The withdrawal pathway will be the one you select and you will get the amount in your account after processing.

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