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With this excitement suspended notes in the air, allow me a moment of clarity. FIFA is a difficult game to review. It is an aggregation of the value of features and modes, which are modified and updated to varying degrees in each iteration of years. Anyone who has played FIFA or PES, or sports game will know, it is impossible to really know how you feel about this game until you’ve played for months; Loved, hated, loved again and decided it is, you know, good for a game that you played for 300 hours.

In this spirit I intend restrict the investigation to a look at two crucial things that have changed in FIFA 16, which are: the addition of a new draft mode in FIFA Ultimate Team extraordinary success; and, well, everything.

We should probably start with “everything” because there is a lot to get through. What I mean by “everything” is the heart of the game, the way FIFA plays football, has for the first time in a few years, made a big enough jump to feel like a clean break rather than an iterative varnish. inclinations and weaknesses of last year – the pace, over-the-top by bulletproof, infuriating behavior defender – were severely taken in hand, insofar playing FIFA 16 feels like learning a new game. It is difficult, and the first few games are a mixture of frustration and promise.

The stated objective was to remove the player’s speed as a key factor in the decisive games, to make sense midfield, and allow different styles of play, rather than FIFA 15 dominant tactic of high balls on the wing where the fastest man will pass behind the defense. latest football sim EA Sports wants players to compete on an equal footing. And while, realistically, we have to wait until the online population has stress tested the new system for millions of hours and returned before we will really know is how the changes now feel .

The defense is easier. Or at least, supporters are now better equipped to win the ball and compete against attacking players. slipped tackles have regained some of the old power; players really slipping again, which means it is possible to win the ball from the unexpected distance. well timed toe-pokes, meanwhile, can satisfyingly break the game while the desperate moments give players more options players intentionally foul just before they break in space (which is usually severely punished, but so much fun). I was caught by the defenders when I thought I was out of reach, I won the ball with crunching tackles block at fullback, and I used the slide to channel the runners by blocking their path . This new, stronger tackles slides, more flexible is a success.

Other notable additions to the defense comprise a feint attack for opponents against tricksy-baiting during one-on-one fights. No longer does the crab-protection-ball offer raises an impenetrable defense; it is easier to slip around players in possession of the ball and then get a foot to it. Perhaps most important of all, the defender AI has been refined to more interceptions and track runners with greater fury.

These points are those who really contribute to the most obvious change in FIFA 16; that the midfielder is now a battlefield. Work the ball in the middle of the park feels attritional and muddy, full of physicality and friction. More than ever, it is a game of inches and steals, with advocates pushing themselves towards the ball as much as possible, pressing and loin and reach the feet. There may be disjointed, with miscontrols and slippers overthrow messily around for a few seconds at a time, but it feels like an organic kind of disorder, a disorder of football.

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