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This is not a bad thing, however. FIFA has done a good job over the last half-decade to avoid regular instances of splits that look as if they belong to basketball or football. To change such a thing now would be to change the nature of an incredibly popular series. That said, it is now a bit easier to score the kind of goals you expect to see in a highlight reel end of the season. Goalkeepers may be much better off long shots, but really outrageous efforts seem to find the twine more often than you would expect.

On a number of occasions, I scored goals from the edge of the center circle, the ball directly zoom into the top corner with the precision of a guided missile or a Maradona hand. Arjen Robben and Yaya Touré seem particularly able to execute this kind of extravagance, with missed shots even back into play following a fumble by the keeper.

Training and ideology of the team you are playing against made a significant difference to whether you can mark these ridiculous shots, though. On the higher difficulty settings, AI teams radically change their approach depending on the circumstances. If you play like Manchester City in a Premier League game against a Burnley side struggling to avoid relegation, then you will face a strategy to limit your time and space on the ball. In cases like this, it becomes extremely difficult to get the likes of Yaya Toure in a position from which it can launch a deadly long-range strike, with Burnley central midfielders who work hard to fill the gaps and limit your options.

Being aware of these differences in approach through play is important, because teams often adjust the score and clock. If you are a goal in the final minutes, rival managers often tell their players to move and grab the equalizer goal. If you are not ready for these changes, or fail to adapt, it is easy to be caught out.

Team management menus have been reworked so that you can make such changes more quickly and easily, with big bold icons being the order of the day design. It is far easier to assign different instructions to individual players, giving you more flexibility in specifying which attack the players you want to drop back, or if you want your attacker to run behind the defense.

You can also switch between diets based attack against base, long-ball, and possession with the push of a button. The types of options are by no means as comprehensive as in the likes of Football Manager, but at least they provide a simple way to have your players move in a way that suits your favorite style.

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