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Far Cry Primal is a case study in how the setting of a game can lead her each layer, from the tone of his story about the dangers of the world, the brutality of his fight.

This parameter is the stone age. It is 10,000 BC, and Takkar our protagonist is looking for the lost members of his tribe Wenja. They are scattered throughout the valley Oros, a dense wilderness forests, swamps and ice caves, complete with mammoths and saber-tooth. As Takkar, you will build a new village Wenja with multiple cast of characters.

This sets up the reconstruction progress Primal system. By recruiting the aforesaid Wenja – as Tensay shaman or Karoosh warrior – you will unlock new items, weapons and abilities. When you look at the facade, it is essentially a new skin for making traditional level of the franchise structure. But it adds character to what could be a lifeless system.

As you build your tribe from the inside, you meet members of other groups, the majority of them have conflicting plans yours. The identity of each of the three tribes of the game, and the political dynamics between them, sets up conflicts in a natural way.
So is the world of Primal. In fact, most conflicts of the game derived from the nature. Primal still uses the basic framework open-world of a traditional game Far Cry, with a cascading series of outposts to capture, unlockable weapons, and upgrades to the craft. But the setting Stone Age is much more feeling than the last game Far Cry.

Here, vicious animals travel in packs, clapping its collective set while you slink through the undergrowth towards the enemy camps. A day / night cycle also adds more tension in the world: the predators are more abundant and aggressive in the dark. Even now, after dozens of hours in this valley, I always feel anxious as the sun sets, hoping that I have enough animal fat to ignite my club and ward imposing carnivores.

This emphasis on survival permeates Far Cry Primal. In wastes of the north, the cold becomes a factor, making each bonfire bright beacon of safety as you fight to stay warm. In lush swampland Primal, avoiding the danger means avoiding the water, where underwater predators abound.

As a lonely hunter with simple tools, you are also less equipped to defend that the protagonists of Far Cry 3 and 4. No more handguns and grenade launchers – here you spears, clubs and slings. They not only provide a slow pace and measured in combat, but also add to the identity and the general tone of Primal. You are a lone wanderer here, not a walking arsenal. And although there are more ways to die in this Far Cry than any previous entry, Primal never feels too difficult – there is a good balance between power and pleasure that elevates the whole experience.

On one of the nights of Primal, threats lurking in the valley merged into a challenge that tested all of my knowledge of the game of survival systems. I’m out of the woods spears. I was low on meat for health. I was hundreds of meters of heat from the nearest campfire. So sprinting to the nearest sanctuary on my card – Hardwood gathering for torches along the way, and based on stealth and my few remaining arrows to defend – I traveled through one of the most stressful scenarios of the game had to offer. Still, it was exciting. It was Primal at its best.

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