Child of Light – WiiU


The Lady of the Forest created the firefly, Igniculus, to aid her in her journey. Aurora and Igniculus are tasked with recovering the light and ultimately reuniting with her father. The Lady of the Forest said that the sun and moon can be found in the highest and lowest rooms — the moon in the highest of the high and the sun in the lowest of the low. She is then given the ability to fly from the stars and a flute.

Along their quest, they are joined by Rubella, an Aerostati who wants to find her brother Tristis and later finds it more interesting fighting than being a jester; Finn, a crybaby, after they cured the Capilli Village of the crow curse; Norah, Aurora’s second eldest sister who was dragged to Lemuria through the mirror; Robert, one of the Populi traveling traders who lives on top of a stone giant named Magna, after they opened the vault and fixed Magna’s heart; and Tristis, who was kicked out of the circus and, with the persuasion of Rubella, joined them.

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