Child of Light – Wii U


Child of Light is a side-scrolling RPG that centres around Aurora, an Austrian princess who finds herself awakening in the world of Lemuria under unclear yet worrisome circumstances. The mood is set right away with a hand-drawn vista both lush and melancholy, descending into a dark forest below as Aurora sets off to return to her father but is naturally caught up in something even larger.
The atmosphere will change as new locations are found, ranging from sprawling plains filled with windmills to a stilted seaside village; all contain hand-drawn characters and enemies that move much like figures who have jumped off a page. Everything is a treat to explore, and the wanderlust is heightened when Aurora is granted the ability to fly early into the game. Expansive maps welcome this freedom, and the developers have placed paths and items everywhere to goad you into roaming every inch of their creation, as if the sheer beauty of it wasn’t enough.

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